Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bridal Brigade attire

I've been thinking about this one a lot. My goal is to create a unique look without putting anyone out $300 on an outfit they will never wear again. I had tossed around the idea of black and lavender, but it will be hot as hell and don't want my lovely Brigadeers melting in the afternoon heat. I found some beautiful dresses on J. Crew.com:

Ok, so that one costs $300 and is sooooooooooo not required wearing or anything like that, but is a beautiful dress along the lines I was thinking. There are some other lavender/lilac dresses on there around $100. Need some feedback on this one Brigadeers...does everyone look good in lavender/lilac? Would you prefer doing black? I am not going to pick out matching dresses that everyone has to buy, but would like a unified color statement, purple family, lilac or black. I don't care if you buy the outfit at the thrift store for $2, as long as everyone is comfortable and looks good.

For our male Brigadeer and TBD groomsmen, linen slacks and white button downs with coordinating ties OR Guayabera shirts!!

George is thinking he will wear a linen suit.

Thoughts? Comments? Feedback?


  1. I said the same think about my bridesmaids... and flower girls...and our moms. "just feel fabulous!" my bridesmaids plan was foiled a bit by my mom, BUT we ended up ordering similar fabric and color (but not same style) dresses during sale season and had a coupon so things worked out ok. Anyway, good luck. :) it's so fun to plan and blog about it!

  2. I like lilac over black. The J.Crew dresses go on sale so quickly that you might want to wait as long as you can if you heart is set on this one. We did J.Crew dresses in Navy but I think they were closer to $200 not $300. I will look around a bit and see what kind of lilac lovelies I can pull for you.